Finally, No More Ingrown Hair, Razor Bumps, Or Painful Waxing!

Get Rid of Unwanted Hair Within 6-12 Weeks*

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Goodbye Unwanted Hair, 

Hello Handsomeness

Every man is different. Some of us want a smooth chest to appear more muscular. Some others want to remove back hair to please our significant other. In other instances, we just want to remove hair from a small area like the neck, upper arms, or down there.

In all of these cases, Kelio™ Pulse is perfect for helping you accomplish the one thing you have in common with other men: the desire to remove unwanted hair in an easy, convenient way without breaking the bank or looking like a teenager who just hit puberty.

See Why Men Around The Globe Are Choosing Kelio™ Pulse

Eric J. M.


I have very kinky curly hair on my chest and my gf doesnt like it even though she likes my head hair and plays with my curls - she says she likes to rest her head on my chest and feel skin and not some wiry hairs. so i started shaving only to figure out that my sleek chest in the morning turns into a stubbly and scratchy mess by the same night. Waxing was a no go for me so decided to give kelio a try - i wasn't expecting  that it'd work but it was my last try before getting laser in a salon. that was two months ago and now I can barely see my chest hair. this was a surprise to me but  a good one. if you're a guy who's bothered by hair, you should try it

David C.


Let me start by saying I've never used laser hair removal before! This is my first time and it worked very well! After a few treatments and adhering to the schedule, it removes all the hairs everywhere on your body. I chose the highest setting so the treatment was a bit painful but bearable. No pain no gain right? My skin was a bit red after the treatments but the redness disappeared within an hour. The product looks high quality and what's more important, it absolutely 100% works! It made shaving unnecessary!

Steven F.


I guess I am one of the few guys that review this type of product. I have hair growing on the sides of my ears. I have to shave it daily. The shaving irritates and I frequently cut my ears doing it.I had been wanting to try hair removal for years, but the cost of professional salon was just too much. And I don't have the time to even go.I bought this IPL device. It works great. Easy to use and just takes a minute or two to do it right after I shave in the morning. No pain or discomfort from it. It zapped my ear hair and it is gone! After just the first week I was able to really tell the difference. I can definitely recommend this product.

Put An End To The Vicious Cycle

Of Shaving, Waxing, Tweezing, and Plucking

As men, we don't like staying in the shower for long periods, flipping upside-down, and making sure we didn't leave a spot unshaved.

Nor do we like getting waxed – sorry, I mean getting tortured.

But we do it anyway! That fantastic smooth look is worth it. So, you do what you have to do, you get out of the shower, you take ONE breath... and the hairs grow back  even thicker and uglier than before.

You may also know how awful depilatory creams cab be. These creams use toxic chemicals that  do no good either to your skin or body. It's no surprise that most dudes get very unpleasant rashes and ingrown hair from those stinky creams.

At Kelio™, we don't want you to go through any of this torture.




Works with sensitive skin

60% of men have sensitive skin. Yet, most of us like to claim otherwise. We like to play it tough. So, do you find shaving or waxing a painful and irritating experience? If so, then you must have sensitive skin, and you'll be thankful for stumbling upon Kelio™ Pulse.

Get salon results in the comfort of your own home

Laser is great! But it's also costly and very inconvenient. You will need numerous sessions until you finally get rid of unwanted hair, which means that you'll need multiple trips to the salon. And with everything going on in the world now, trips to the salon aren't the safest. Kelio™ Pulse allows you to get clean & maintained for a fraction of the cost.

Works on any body part

Yes, even down there. We designed Kelio™ Pulse to adapt to every inch of a man's body to yield the best results. All you have to do is choose your next hair-free body part, and Kelio™ Pulse will take care of the rest.


Remember, It's a one-time investment in yourself that will pay for itself

No hidden costs or replacements 

Men are wasting tons of money on their shaving equipment. And the worst part? Most are not even aware of the scary amount of money they've been throwing out the window. But we get it. You had no other choice. At Kelio™, we want to change that forever! Today you have the option to pay once and never have to worry about hair removal costs ever again. So, it's up to you. How empty do you want your wallet to be?

Still Not


If our thousands of reviews can’t persuade you, maybe our money-back guarantee can. Try out your Kelio product for up to 120 days and get your money back if you’re not happy.

Which brand of razor blades does that?

The Biggest Breakthrough In Men’s Hair Removal Since The Invention of The Safety Razor!

Dazzle Everyone with Your Velvety-Smooth Skin – Starting Today!

UPDATE-August 3, 2021: Due to high sales volume, our stock availability and prices may vary. We apologize for any inconvenience. Our team are doing everything they can to replenish stock.

Customer Reviews

Based on 326 reviews

Sooo pleased with the results. I really recommend Kelio Pulse. Totally worth the money


It turns on easily and works well.

worth the trial

First it may not be the cheapest you will find online but I believe it's worth all your money how handy, light and easy to use this device. Thank you for your help Kelio

Don't overdo, stick to a schedule

I have researched about hair removal before buying this one and I was afraid that it would be painful. To my surprise it's only painful if you overdo it, otherwise very effective

Mantas L.
I recommend

hello good thing i recommend

*When following a treatment schedule, individual results may vary. Median results from a 2020-2021 online survey of 2556 male participants showed 82% hair reduction on chest after 12 weeks of treatment. Some people, though, would need more than 12 weeks to see complete results.